Download Metin2 1 hit hack, 1 hit kill hack v2.0


Killing mobs for hours is very painful specially when leveling in metin2, many players spend more then 5 hours daily grinding to get a few levels. Do you want to know the secret to power leveling which many people use? Yes its a hack, its called the 1 hit kill hack. This metin2 hack knocks down the mobs in a single hit. Here are a few advantages:


Works both server side and client side

Kills all types of mobs in 1 single hit!

Works even if the server has ‘Hack Shield‘.

This is not a cheat engine hack, its real.

works well with other hacks

Easy to launch, install and use!

This is current and latest version of metin2 1 hit kill hack, v2.0 will update when new version comes. This hack works even on lower level metin stones, but higher level stones takes a few more hits to destroy.

Kill metin stones, mobs, other players in 1 second! Also works on players with low hp! Download link is below along with instructions on how to make it work. Instructions on how to use metin2 1 hit kill hack:

Download metin2 1 hit kill hack from link below. Install Metin2 & register an account. Extract the hack in the Metin2 folder only! Run your metin2 client, use window mode so you can easily switch between the hack and the game. Open the metin2 1 hit kill hack file, install it. Launch the Metin2 1 hit kill hack. The hack is part of many hacks and the main hack install has attack speed, moving speed and invisibility hacks along with it. The 1 hit hack however works the best among them!

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